The key to effective social media marketing is good content. I see good content as anything that invites the customer to engage with your brand. Consequently, the best kind of social media traffic is the kind you earn organically, meaning you don’t pay to get your post in front of more eyes.

When I first started managing the social media accounts for Utah State University’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies, I learned the value of good content. Traffic and engagement were down, and we had very little budget to boost posts. I knew I had to up my game in developing creative, shareable and timely content.

I decided to veer away from the research-related articles or study tips we’d posted in the past. Right before winter break, I posted a comic titled, “Vacation vs. Stress.” Anyone who has taken a vacation only to come back to a mountain of emails/work could relate. The post saw 90% more engagement than posts from the previous week, and resulted in the most likes and shares of any previous posts on that page.

Before posting I try to put myself in the users’ shoes and ask myself, “Is this something I would like, tweet, share, etc.?” If the answer is no, I consider whether it is worth posting. Then, I tweak it till the answer is yes.

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