Email Sample

Throughout my career I’ve learned that the key to earning and maintaining customer loyalty is speaking to your customers the way they want to be spoken to. When you don’t serve them relevant content, they’ll move on. I learned this lesson rather poignantly through a win-back campaign I developed while working for the Ragnar Relay Series.

When I started, Ragnar’s emails were quite repetitive. With the exception of changes to the race name and dates, every marketing email was the same. As a result, only about 40% of subscribers were regularly opening the company’s emails. I worked with the CMO and VP of Recruitment Marketing to come up with a win-back campaign for unengaged subscribers – about 60% of the database.

I wrote the copy and worked with the design team to create an email focused on re-igniting the users’ excitement for the brand. We tested the idea of marketing destination races rather than local races like we had in the past. I sent the resulting email to any subscriber who had not opened an email from Ragnar in a year or more.

This campaign resulted in a 6% re-engagement rate and a significant bump in sales. While 6% might not seem like a lot initially, that equated to over 13,000 users essentially returning from the dead. All because we took the time to figure out what message our customers wanted to hear.

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