Dynamic-EmailAs a marketer, I am constantly looking for ways to improve how I communicate with the consumer. When I first started working for the Ragnar Relay Series, we were sending users the exact same marketing messages despite preferences or purchase history. Essentially, a person who consistently purchased the product was getting the same message as someone who had never made a purchase. I believed there was a better way, and started working on a customer segmentation strategy.

I worked with the marketing team to determine the different types of customers in our database, and made plan for how we should be communicating with each. Once we had a high-level goal, our development team designed an email template that would allow for dynamic content. With that functionality in place, we were able to send personalized marketing emails.

Now, a multi-purchase customer could get a message including a loyalty offer, while a new subscriber would get tips for getting started. Only one email was deployed, but it had a different face for every user.

Segmenting our customer database and creating dynamic emails allowed us to reduce the number of emails being sent while optimizing the messages being delivered. This strategy resulted in an overall lift in open and click through rates by about 5-10% per email.

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